Using Natural Wood Interior Design

wood interior design

Using Natural Wood Interior Design

When it comes to home interior designs, wood remains a timeless and ever popular option. No other material is quite as versatile as wood, which makes wood interior design the perfect way to get all kinds of home decor – from classical and rustic to modern and contemporary. In fact, wood can be used to create a vast variety of different styles, and there are many ways you can use wood throughout your home to achieve a truly unique look. Wood interior design is incredibly popular for its versatility and functionality, and the following ideas will help you to use wood in the design of your home.

The most popular style of wood interior design is western red cedar. This lovely, naturally light wood has a texture that’s slightly rough and wavy – almost wavy – with a reddish-brown color that fades to a lovely honey color over time. A good choice for light decorating, this charming type of wood features some of the best texture of any type of wood. Western red cedar is highly sought after for it’s unique coloration and its great durability, and it’s a lovely and affordable choice. It’s also very easy to stain and tone down, creating a rustic finish.

Hickory is another wonderful choice for wicker, providing a rich and deep tone. It is strong, smooth and easily stained – which makes it a wonderful choice for darker home interiors. Hickory’s color palette is diverse, and it can be used to create just about any tone you want. Some people like the rich amber hue of hickory, while others like the nutty smell of smoke.

Hickory can also be stained to create some truly interesting effects. You can stain it to create a soft look with subtle colors – or you can go all out and create a southwestern style that features deep, rich tones with intense color variations. One option is to actually use two different hues of hickory in the same piece of furniture. You can choose an exterior piece of wood and stain it, or you can choose a flooring piece and leave the interior of the furniture unfinished. Using wood grain patterns on wood flooring is another great way to get an authentic look, especially when stained with a rustic brown.

The key to decorating with wood floor is to pick a color scheme that works in harmony with your existing furnishings. If you have a southwestern style bedroom with lots of wood paneling and Native American artwork, a bright bold color such as red would work well. Conversely, a more traditional bedroom may be better suited to a more subdued color scheme such as cream. You can then build the rest of the room on the highlights so the entire space comes together into one cozy area.

No matter what color scheme you choose, you’ll also want to consider using interesting wood grains in the right places. You can add interesting details like wood knots and swirls through your wood flooring, or you can simply paint the surfaces in a different color. Rustic grain patterns are often used in conjunction with western red cedar to create interesting textures and visual interest. Although using modern interior design materials like metal and plywood may seem easy, using this type of wood often creates a unique character in the home that cannot be replicated using other types of materials.