Types of Wood Furniture

Wood furniture has stood the test of time and is the most preferred construction material for homes, businesses, and offices. The natural beauty of wood combined with a sturdy piece of wood furniture makes for a truly inviting furnishing choice. Wooden furniture has also been proven to withstand wear and tear over many years. One wouldn’t know that the wood furniture that is on the market came from trees that have died over the centuries. Hardwoods are a type of wood that is harvested from mature trees, often mature in the year 2021, and have been graded according to their size, health, hardness, and natural colors. This makes hardwood one of the most durable types of wood.

There are many advantages to wood furniture manufacturing. The main advantage is that wood furniture is easy to work with and offers high-quality results due to the large supply of raw materials. When looking for wood furniture components, it is important to find a manufacturer that can offer a wide variety of styles and designs that come from different parts of the globe.

There are two main types of wood types that furniture producers can use to produce high quality pieces. This includes solid wood types such as oak and beech and cavity-core wood types such as walnut. Each type of wood has its own specific characteristics and uses. Here is a breakdown of these wood types and what each one is best suited for:

– Solid Wood This is the most common type of real wood furniture that people choose. The biggest advantage to solid wood furniture is the durability and aesthetics. Because the product is made of solid wood, it is more durable than particle board or veneer. However, because of this durability, real wood furniture can also be more expensive to purchase. Also real wood furniture is heavier than other forms of wood product.

– Non-Stick Resin Also known as MDF or particle board, this is a less expensive option than solid wood furniture but not as durable. Particle board is made by combining different kinds of plastic resin with wood. It is a good option for individuals who want to create a more natural look. However, it can also be flammable, has limited color choices and comes in only a few natural wood patterns. MDF also lacks any sort of unique grain patterns or designs.

– Softwood This furniture is made with a much lower density and softness compared to either hardwood or pine. It is the lighter and more affordable option. Many times softwood veneers and hardwood are blended together to create more durable furniture. It does have some natural warmth to it when light is diffused through the wood.