Solid Wood Furniture: What Are the Choices?

Wood furniture is extremely durable and can withstand decades of use before requiring repair or replacement. The wood itself doesn’t rot, but over time the wood parts will start to look worn and faded, as though they’d been gently dropped from some high altitude. If you’re not careful, you can completely ruin the finish of your wood furniture by using water or other liquids without putting a case on it. This is something you’ll definitely want to avoid, as this can permanently destroy the natural color and grain of your beloved wooden pieces.

wood furniture

Wood furniture is also very durable compared to veneer pieces, with most people reporting that they’ve had very few problems with chipping, cracking, or warping during their numerous years of ownership. A good set of wood furniture should be able to withstand constant usage, and should never need replacing for many generations to come. If it does need replacing, it can easily be done, because these types of pieces are generally built to be durable over many generations. The key to long-term durability is choosing solid, sturdy wood. Other materials, such as glass, don’t have the same inherent durability as solid wood furniture.

You can find many different types of wood furniture available today. Mahogany is probably one of the most well-known, and most popular, woods in use today. Many different kinds of hardwood are now being used to make hardwood flooring, such as: cherry hardwood, hickory, oak, walnut, maple, and birch. One of the best things about mahogany is that its natural color lasts for decades, even centuries. Because of this, many people prefer to purchase mahogany hardwood furniture for their home. This is also because many different stains can be applied to mahogany, including both traditional and nontraditional stains.

Another wood furniture type you might like to consider is rosewood. This is a durable hardwood that comes in a variety of browns and hues. Many hardwood veneers can be applied to mahogany, including: veining, oil, or clear varnish. As with mahogany, this wood is naturally durable, which means that scratches and wear are not likely to occur. Rosewood is a wonderful option for use in high traffic rooms in your home.

Oak and Beech are two other highly-acclaimed woods. These woods are both commonly used to make quality furniture pieces. They are both extremely durable, and they also can withstand a great deal of wear. This means that you can enjoy the beauty of these woods for years to come without worrying that they will be damaged by daily usage. Of course, just like any other wood furniture, the quality of each wood furniture piece will vary depending on the particular manufacturer and the quality of the wood used.

One of the keys to long lasting solid wood furniture is making sure that you purchase from a reputable company. This will ensure that the company takes the time and money necessary to create a high quality product. Also, look for a guarantee from the start. The guarantee will help you know that you have something to keep you satisfied, especially if you need the item for generations to come.