Real Wood Vs Plywood for Fine Furniture

Wooden furniture has been one of the most popular choices of home furnishing styles for over a century. They are versatile and can be used in any room from the living room to the bedroom. Wooden fixtures and furniture can cost anywhere from a few dollars to several thousands of dollars. The cost of wood is determined by the grade of wood, the size of the piece, the quality of the wood, the finish and methods used to treat it. Wood furniture is usually finished with varnish but there are also a variety of finishes available such as using wax, oil, latex or a variety of synthetic materials. It is important to ask questions and understand the process before purchasing wood furniture.

wood furniture

The price of wood furniture depends on the size of the piece, the grade of the wood, its composition (including any natural fibers and veneers), its finishing methods and the manufacturing process. An engineered wood product is created by combining two or more wood products that do not contain the same characteristics. Engineered wood furniture is durable, strong and has an appealing grain.

Engineered wood products have the durability of solid wood furniture at a reduced cost. Aged wood products have been treated to resist all kinds of weathering, from moisture, dust and stains, to extreme temperatures. Engineered wood furniture has a smooth, flat surface, but because it is not organic it does not have any visible grain. This makes it ideal for high traffic areas, but it can be damaged by deep scratches and small bites. Smaller gaps, scratches and nicks will not affect the appearance or value of the piece.

One of the benefits of solid wood furniture is that it is durable and requires little maintenance and cleaning compared to other types of furnishings. Engineered wood furniture is usually made from high quality solid woods such as teak, maple, walnut, cherry and oak. Teak is the most expensive due to its natural oils which protect the wood. Maple and walnut are also good quality woods and are also less expensive. Engineered wood plywood is also a good choice if you want furniture that is attractive but durable.

Engineered wood furniture consists mainly of solid wood veneers on plywood base. While plywood is very stable, it can be scratched, crushed and dinged. The veneer covers the defects and makes the piece look like it is made from real wood furniture. The grain in real wood furniture varies and is usually very even. The grains can also be straight or round.

Because it costs a lot less than real wood, plywood is a much cheaper building material for furniture than hardwood. Many manufacturers also use particle board as a building material for fine furniture. With the increase in the demand for this type of fine furniture, many manufacturers are making it in different sizes and grains so that manufacturers will be able to cater to the needs of the customers. The grain patterns and sizes of real wood furniture can also be customized to meet the needs of the customer.