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Every year, as an interior design business based in New York City, we continually find ourselves inspired both by the exciting fashion scene and sizzling urban energy, whilst constantly being inspired by the city’s dynamic interior design community. And while it’s no secret that NYC is home to some of the best interior designers money can buy, how can you go about locating the ideal interior designers for your next big project… Well, maybe you’re looking for an epiphany! Something so radical and spontaneous that’ll change your career… Something that’s so much fun, that you won’t ever want to leave New York City. Something so much fun, that you won’t ever want to leave New York City.

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As a child I always had a dream of getting a degree offered by one of the great architectural universities that had a thriving academic community, a great job placement program and a well established reputation on the New York City social scene. So, when I finally did get my degree it was a long time before I considered applying to an architectural college. It was actually quite hard to even convince my parents to let me move out of their home! However, after I had graduated, I found out that there are actually many different programs offered in New York that offer an extremely high quality interior design program, and my dream job placement program that I have always wanted.

The best interior design program in New York that I have ever attended has been the Phyllis Feffer Urban Design Institute. With three prominent alumni, myself among them, Phyllis Feffer is the most popular and highly regarded art and architecture school in New York. The school prides itself on teaching its students not only the “how” but “why” they should become professional interior architects.

Of course, not all schools will accept just anybody, which is what makes choosing the best school in New York a bit more difficult than finding any other school. The first step is to determine what type of degree program is desired. Most schools will offer some type of an associate’s degree program, bachelor degree program, or even a master’s degree program in order to allow their graduates the chance to find work in the field of interior design. A “bachelors” degree is typically sought after by those who wish to be hired on an on-site basis with actual construction companies. The master’s degree is the preferred option for those who are seeking positions within architectural firms, as its more comprehensive and sophisticated educational training. Each school will have its own list of notable alumni that can be studied by its graduates after graduation, making it easier to locate potential jobs once graduated.

Another important aspect that any educational institution must have is its well-being programs. Well-being programs are the first steps towards creating a healthy mental and physical health for the staff members as well as the students. This is especially true for interior designers as they have to conduct indoor and outdoor design projects as well as being responsible for maintenance as well as cleaning of the studio itself. These elements require the individuals to be physically as well as mentally fit. As well, these individuals need to be emotionally stable, as their designs will always need to be taken to a client and the pressure of deadlines is something that they are not used to. Thus, it is imperative that the school provide their students with on the job experience as well as mentorship programs.

When looking into schools for interior design students, it is important to know what type of accreditation they have. Although there are several schools that have achieved this accreditation, only a few actually make it to the prestigious US Department of Interior’soor design council. This council is responsible for publishing standards and best practices that will be utilized by every US interior space agency. The interior design council also offers recommendations that are solicited from the public in order to ensure that the USGBC’s standards are met in their projects. In order to receive admittance to this prestigious club, an applicant must demonstrate not only a passion for interior design but an understanding of the human mind as well.