Interior Design Using Wood

wood interior design

Interior Design Using Wood

Wood is often viewed as a classic decorating choice. It has a timeless look that invites repetition. While there are certainly drawbacks to wood as a design choice, it does have one major advantage over other materials: durability. Hardwood floors have been a staple of quality living for over two thousand years. And with hardwood’s ability to last for decades, it’s little wonder that wood is one of the most popular materials to use when working on the interior design of a home. But it doesn’t just have to be an option for modern interior design – wood can be enjoyed in a variety of contemporary styles.

With wood interior design, there is nothing timeless about how people decorate it in contemporary homes. DIYers, decorators and architects are rediscovering the beauty and charm of classic wood. In fact, from innovative new applications to reinterprections of classic styles, they’re discovering creative new ways to utilize wood in the interior design of their home. Here are some ideas for ways you can incorporate wood in your interior design.

Distressed wood interior design gives a rustic feeling and gives your home a warm, rich look. There are many different types of distressed wood available, so you can choose from hickory, maple, oak, birch, pine and mahogany. Look for aged finishes like weathered silver and gold for a more worn appearance or natural stains for a more natural look. This distressed wood material also works well as furniture because it’s stronger and more resistant than other types of wood material. This type of wood is also great for use in home interior designs because of the beauty and versatility it lends any space.

You can also make your home interiors with solid wood material if you like a more traditional look. This look is usually achieved with distressed wood finish. Solid wood is very practical as well as being strong and able to take punishment from both indoor and outdoor elements. If you have old furniture that could use an upgrade, you can even refinish it for a more attractive and durable look. If you have wooden floors, you can use the wood floor as the basis for your flooring for your home interiors. This also gives you the opportunity to create the same type of design for your doors and windows.

If you’d like to bring a little more character to your home interiors, you can use wood as the basis for your wall coverings. Instead of using paint on your walls, why not try using wood wall art as an alternative? You can find many beautiful photos of barns, houses and cottages that would go great as wall paper. Not only will it add warmth and a rustic look to your rooms, but it’ll also protect your walls from UV damage. Using wood interior design in your home will allow you to bring the outdoors in without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Lastly, using wood as the basis for your interior walls and ceilings will allow you to make your rooms feel bigger than they really are. Why not spice up your bathroom with an intricately designed ceiling or wall fan? In the living room, you can install a ceiling to floor fan to bring the outdoors in. Wood is such a versatile material that you can truly make your home interiors reflect your personality while still remaining modern.