How To Choose The Best Wood Furniture

When you are looking for the best wood furniture pieces for your home, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones because there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. There are walnut, oak, maple, bamboo, cherry and mahogany. If you are not sure which of these you should go with, start by going with walnut. Walnut is definitely a strong, hard and durable wood for outdoor furniture.

best wood furniture

Walnut is ideal for sturdy hardwood furniture because it takes and retains its true color. This makes it ideal for ornate outdoor furniture that usually requires a high degree of skillsmanship. Maple is also one of the strongest hardwood varieties for outdoor furniture.

Mahogany is the best choice for exotic wood furniture including beds, coffee tables, armoires and dressers. Mahogany is known for its unique character due to the presence of a dark honey-like color tone on its veins. It is relatively easy to stain mahogany. Its durability makes it the perfect candidate for fine furniture pieces. For finishes, it is best to apply a high quality medium strength oil like walnut stain or clear lacquer.

Bamboo furniture is popular for its sustainability and eco friendliness. Bamboo furniture may be finished using any natural oil like coconut or palm oil. The use of mineral oil is not recommended because it wears down the natural grain of bamboo that results in weaker quality. Mineral oil may not be an environmentally friendly choice especially if the furniture is used in a tropical area.

Cherry and walnut are the most preferred woods for handmade furniture items such as chairs and tables. They require minimal finishing processes due to their smooth nature. This allows furniture makers to achieve a sophisticated look by dressing the wooden furniture with a light coat of shellac or turpentine. Another alternative is the use of uv rays instead of wood oil. The UV rays of sunlight are absorbed by the bamboo and this protects the wood from the weathering process.

Other desirable woods include maple, oak, birch and pine. These woods are commonly used for making cabinets and other furniture items. Some of these woods have distinct characteristics like being hard and having a uniform grain pattern. They are also resistant to ultraviolet rays and have rich tones. Hand-rubbed finish enhances the natural beauty of these woods. Other materials that can be used for hand-rubbed finish include latex rubber and urethane.