Home Design Styles – How to Decorate Around a Basic Wood Interior Design Idea

Many people are finding the wonders of woodworking to be the answer to their decorating needs. People are using hand-carved wood furnishings and accessories in addition to modern wood paneling. Woodworking is an art form, which has been around for centuries. The skills involved in woodworking have been passed down through generations of families. It is becoming more popular everyday, as many people decide to try their hand at woodworking as a hobby or profession.

Examples of common wood interior design styles are: rustic, southwestern, French provincial, and American country-style. Rustic is closely related to western Interior Design, but can vary depending on the area of the country you live in. Often characterized by a rugged, natural vintage look. Dark, rich tones work well with this style.

French provincial is a very warm and inviting style, which many people identify with rustic. The furniture can be anything from tables, chairs, chests, dressers, or just about anything made of wood. The use of rugs or wall hangings is very common in French provincial decorating, giving your home interiors a warm and inviting feeling. You can add more rustic elements by using wooden or metal wall decor, as well as wood flooring and decorative candles.

Americana is a modern take on the traditional wood interior design style. It combines western touches with eastern influences to create a charming atmosphere. The primary colors used in Americana decor are dark brown and black, with accents of lighter and darker browns and grays. Americana is very informal and fresh, allowing visitors to feel comfortable and welcome. Unlike rustic, Americana is very welcoming to guests.

Country interior decor has a very casual look, with light, airy pieces that are often painted in pastel colors. Country furniture is very versatile and can easily be combined with different color palettes to create interesting and unique effects. Often times you will find that using wood as a form of decor will make your home feel light and airy, perfect for any open and airy living space. Using wood interior furniture also allows you to get away from the typical, heavy, outdated home interior style of most modern homes.

Rustic is a very distinctive style of home interiors that focuses on bold, solid, distressed wood pieces. Most rustic furniture is constructed from old-growth Douglas or Oregon trees. The wood used will have some rotted areas, but overall the piece should have a very worn appearance. Rustic is very stylized, with the furniture commonly being very unique. Some people like the rustic look because it reminds them of the old west, while others like it because it gives them a warm feeling and a connection to the outdoors.