5 Popular Types of Wood Furniture

There are many kinds of wood used for making furniture. Each wood has its own characteristics and is suited for particular purposes. When choosing wood furniture, it is important to know how the wood will react to different types of stain and finish. Wood furniture also varies in its price and quality. Here is a discussion on six common woods used for making furniture:

Oak. Oak is an extremely hard, sturdy and dense wood. It holds its color and cuts well, making it ideal for fine ornate furniture which needs a high degree of craftsmanship. This wood is best for investment pieces and long-lasting furniture which you intend to hand down to your children for many generations to come.

Beech. Beech is one of the most popular woods used for making home owners feel relaxed and comfortable. Beech wood furniture is easy to maintain and is light in weight which makes it ideal for home owners with active families. While this is one of the best wood furniture available, it is quite expensive compared to other kinds of wood furniture

Pine. Pine is an excellent hardwood furniture wood. It is quite easy to work with and has a smooth grain. This makes it ideal for making mDF (medium-density fiberboard) furniture which is durable and requires little or no maintenance. In addition, pine is ideal for making high-quality furniture which can stand heavy use for long periods of time.

MDF. MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is a modern alternative to the traditional wood furniture. This low-density board is more pliable than the traditional hardwoods, which makes it possible to create lightweight and durable pieces of furniture. However, because of its lower density, it is not as strong as the other types of wood furniture and its finish needs to be protected using the best wood furniture polish available.

Oak. Although oak is quite expensive, it is also one of the best wood furniture materials for creating home interior design. The natural color of oak makes it ideal for creating both elegant furniture as well as classic pieces that require proper care furniture covers.

Cedar. Even though cedar is a softer wood than some of the others mentioned above, it is still one of the most popular options when it comes to crafting home interiors. Cedar is a kind of hardwood native to North America that has long been used for storage purposes. However, it is also one of the most durable and versatile woods available. It is often used for crafting fine wood furniture and it comes in a variety of brown hues, including light brown, pale brown, and slightly gray.

Walnut. Walnut is one of the oldest kinds of hardwood trees grown commercially. Today, it is commonly used for crafting furniture, especially because it possesses a lot of unique characteristics which make it one of the best options for crafting outdoor furniture. The color variations of walnut may range from dark brown to light brown depending on the different growing seasons and the kind of tree that is grown.

This is just a few of the many types of wood that may be used for crafting fine furniture. If you are looking for the best option, it is best to choose the type of wood based on the design style that you want. If you want your furniture to have an earth tone, then you should definitely consider using hardwoods like oak and maple. If you want your furniture to have a more contemporary design style, then you should go for pieces that have lighter color schemes such as pine and birch.